Sunday, 8 November 2015

Light going out

I feel like screaming!There's no sense in anything today. I feel pressured by people expecting too much. Just dumping things on me, as if I were ready to jump at their every whim. I've been cracking my brain for most of the day on how to get from one place to another. I've no sense of direction these days, don't know why. I can't remember how to get somewhere. The internet is of no use, it simply confuses. Do they know how frustrating that is? I need to go far, far, far away to a land where no one lives. I'm tired of people, especially those always seeming to make demands on me. 
Perhaps, I need to just stop and forget their existence. When will the day of freedom come. The day I'm released from the shackles of demands and expectations, polite hypocritical responses and always having to fend off anyone who insidiously wants to control my life, even my time and thoughts. If only I had wings and could just take off and disappear into the blue, over the mountains and only return if I feel I want to. Maybe I would never return to this place of nagging mouths, self-centered considerations and callousness. 
I dream of a quiet spot, a place I can call "Home". I once had a home, MY HOME, but now it's no more. I wish I hadn't been so kind...just hate heroics - trying to be smarter than the average person. I'm one of the ordinary folk who like living in peace, minding my own business. Perhaps, I should shut the door to all the outside world and seek restful sleep to restore my confidence and strength for another day's battle with this tiresome world. 

Good Night, sinking into dreamless sleep.