Sunday, 19 May 2013

Finding a Cure for Stupidity

A friend posted a cartoon on my Facebook page of a character trying to exorcise demons of stupidity. Stupidity,as far as I know is an incurable disease. It sometimes strikes when least expected. All human beings are vulnerable to this disease, some times we may regret what we do under the influence of 'stupidity', at other times, we dismiss it as, "Perhaps, it was for the best". However, in some cases, persistent stupidity seems to take over and all capacity for logical thinking is halted or simply blocked out, for a short time, hopefully.

In some places around the globe, especially in densely populated areas where there is a very high volume of vehicular traffic, like capital cities and metropolises, stupidity can be rampant. Symptoms of stupidity come in various forms. It may show itself in illogical action or snap decisions made by people driving or doing anything else without warning. Queue jumping in a traffic-jam may be a symptom of stupidity. It may confuse others and cause accidents that can be avoided, moreover it could worsen the traffic-jam instead of helping to disperse it. 

Con men often like to use stupidity on their victims, where victims are stupified into acting on their suggestions without thinking. This happens very quickly, accelerated by threat or the apparent need for haste.Clear thinking doesn't come with haste. Still, we are all susceptible to such shock and grab tactics.

Stupidity comes in various forms. One of these frequently infect those under the impression
that the world beyond them is just the same as that within their 'walled up' area. This is called, living under a coconut shell, or "katak dibawah tempurung" ( frog under a coconut shell). This may seem rather strange to some of us but really, most of us are affected by these illusions, some in government, too. 

A government is frequently, stupidly unrealistic in many ways. It may cling to the illusion that rigidity in implementation of certain policies and extensive bureaucracy makes it a more efficient and effective government, when these, in fact, cause many hardships to the common people by illogical implementation. 

A ruling party may also imagine that it is most popular when its popularity is very near rock-bottom, so it will continue to act, not as people expect it to, but in a way that diminishes electoral desire for it. It might only realize this one day,when it finds itself completely unable to control a mob of angry citizens or is simply being ignored by all and sundry. 

So, we have to be aware of this thing called, "STUPIDITY" and the demons that can possess anyone, big, small, human, or organization, even an inanimate object. It can suddenly seize control and cause utter and irrational chaos in our lives. Do look out for it, you'll never know when you get struck by it until later. 

As for finding a 'cure', well, that may be in the realms of "Bolehland". No ancient herbalist or doctor has yet discovered a permanent cure for 'Stupidity'. We'll just have to live with it, for better or worse. Take care.