Wednesday, 15 October 2014

An Amazing Invention - the Humble Paperback Book

I've been chaffing at the bit to write this, when I saw a cartoon on Facebook showing electronic book (tablet) vs ordinary book. The shiny new Tablet was good as long as it's battery lasted. No page turning, just "let your fingers do the walking" as they say. Can be read in the dark, as background light is sufficient to read even in the gloomiest surroundings. Must be treated with care due to its electrical-electronic make up. This advancement in technology has certainly vast benefits, especially in space and time saving and speed in information dissemination. Certainly something to be celebrated!

But for the sake of nostalgia and convenience, to an extent, laziness, I'm still very fond of my little paperback book that often travels with me on long journeys. It's nice to bury my head in a book to fill 10+ hours of flying time on the way to a far away place or even just shut out the world for a break, when there's too much happening around me. It's a good escape. So, even if I can't look at it in reduced light conditions, it's conveniently slipped into a big pocket or hand bag, until the chance arises, to immerse myself into its adventures again. Having an inclination to lounge around, I often read in a horizontal position i.e. lying down. When, heaviness in my hands and eyes overcomes me, it can just be put down, before sleep takes over. 

For loungers, like yours truly, the paperback book is a wonderful thing, without the need to charge it up, turn it off or having to be in an upright position to read it. I'm really grateful to the inventor, she/he seems to have had the foresight and mind for the comfort and convenience of the reader. 

Although print literature may be facing a down turn in popularity, optimism tells me the little paper back could still enjoy a loyal readership, if only for it's convenience. Hopefully, the humble paper back will persist using recycled paper, taking on an eco-friendly form, minus the need for any external power up. Here's one vote for it to stay!